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Covid-19: The One Workout Routine Everyone Should Be Doing at Home

by Sund Kobayashi |  | 6 comments

First off, I hope everyone reading this is safe and well. The coronavirus is like nothing we've ever dealt with as a global community. Businesses and shops are closed on our main streets and our highways and roads are empty. It's like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie. Very surreal. I hope and pray that you and your loved ones are safe during this troubling time. 

We just wrapped up our 4th week of quarantine here in California, and for me one of the things I miss the most is going to the gym. Honestly, I haven't been working out at all since the lockdown and it's really hitting my physique and overall health pretty hard. With no gym open and no equipment at home, I started wondering what is the best and minimalistic way to keep in shape and work out at home? 

Enter The One Punch Man Workout


A couple years ago there was this internet craze about the "One Punch Man Workout". Never heard of it? Here's a quick summary:

The one punch man workout derives from the anime series "One Punch Man", in which the hero, Saitama, undergoes such rigorous training that he surpasses all human limitations and is able to defeat all of his enemies with a single punch. 

While there have been many attempts to replicate this workout with varying results, the foundation it is rooted in is minimalistic and effective; a great combination during this lockdown. 

  • 100 push-ups
  • 100 sit-ups
  • 100 squats
  • 10 km running (approximately 6 miles)
  • Every single day

Does it work? 

This is not a workout designed to give you massive gains, and if you are already physically fit it may not be very challenging. However if you are like me, your average guy who works out at the gym 3x a week to maintain some form of fitness, then this could be a great work out routine for you during this quarantine. Here are 3 benefits to this workout:

    1. It's simple, free, and can be done without any equipment. If you are stuck at home without any free weights or exercise machines then this work out is mean for you. Plus it's super easy. These are exercises all of us have learned in P.E. class. Anyone can do it, and it's actually a lot of fun! 
    2. You hit 4 fundamental muscle groups: upper body (push ups), core (sit-ups), legs (squats) and cardio (running). This is probably a more well rounded workout than most people do at the gym. In addition, these exercises only leverage your body weight and hit different muscle groups in a natural pattern reducing risk to injury .
    3. You can easily adjust and modify. If you can barely do push-ups then start with a low number; maybe 30 a day instead of 100. Or if you can't even do a full push up start on your knees. If you are able to do 100 push ups in one sitting then modify and do 200 instead. The point is, you can make this your own. You can add burpees in the mix, lunges, pull ups if you have a pull up bar or ledge you can use, etc. 

These are basic fundamental exercises that everyone learns from an early age and with good reason: they are effective and foundational to your physical health. 

Get Started

As with all things in life, the hardest part is just getting started, but once you do, pace yourself. I would not recommend doing this every day. Instead, try doing this 2-3 times a week to begin with, or you can switch days with cardio. I'd also break up the reps with multiple sets, for example 5 sets of 20 reps. Once your fitness level starts to increase you can change it to 4 sets of 25, and then 4 sets of 30, and so on. 

Again, this routine isn't designed to give you massive gains, but it will help your overall strength and conditioning. The best part is it's free and easy to do at home. Don't let this quarantine put your health even more at risk by staying home and being physically lazy. Get up, move around, and have fun! 

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times" - Bruce Lee

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